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Small Personal Loans

Table of Contents

A small personal loan can assist you in bridging a financial gap or in paying for an emergency, like a car repair. Even if you require money immediately, it is wise to examine financing options before applying for a loan because you might find a more affordable option.

How Do Personal Loans Work and Should You Take One Out?

A personal loan is a sum of money that is often given to an individual without any form of security. Nevertheless, depending on your credit position, certain lenders may require collateral. Although they were once thought of as a last resort for those in desperate financial situations, personal loans are now more often used by regular people since the possibilities and terms are better than before.

Small loans are often summed under $2,500. Reputable lenders provide you with at least a few months to repay a small loan despite the fact that repayment conditions vary greatly.

The annual percentage rate, which includes the interest rate and any costs levied by the lender, can range from 6% to 36%, with borrowers with good credit often receiving the lowest rates.

Small Personal Loan Advantages

  • Quick financing. A small personal loan can frequently be funded the same day as approval or the following day.
  • Lump sum. Once approved, a personal loan gives you the money all at once. There is no draw period or credit limit to keep track of.
  • Regular payments. Because personal loans feature fixed interest rates, your monthly payment will remain constant throughout the term of the loan.
  • No security. The majority of personal loans don't require collateral (like a house or car), making them unsecured. The lender cannot seize any of your property if you default on the loan, but your credit rating will suffer.

Obtaining a small $1,000 - $2,000 loan

Your demands will determine where you may receive a personal loan the best. A credit union might offer the lowest rates if you need to borrow $500 or less, but many credit unions have membership requirements. Online lenders can be an excellent choice if you want a quick and simple process, but they frequently have higher minimum borrowing amounts or charge higher rates for modest loans. You might also apply for a small personal loan at your bank if you want to apply in person and have a solid working connection with them.

Online lenders offer loans starting at roughly $1,000 or $2,000 per month. A lot of internet lenders allow you to pre-qualify without damaging your credit score so that you can preview potential small loan offers, including the APR and monthly cost.

However, only a few states offer these loans, and the loan amounts vary from state to state.

How to apply for a small personal loan

  1. Examine your debts and credit. Check your credit record for possibilities to address any bad marks or overdue debts before applying. Determine your debt-to-income ratio as well. Lenders use this figure to determine how much of a borrower's income is used to pay off other loans. DTIs under 40% are preferred by many lenders.
  1. Pre-qualify. Pre-qualifying is a convenient approach to comparing small loans because it only takes a few minutes with most online lenders and has no impact on your credit score.
  1. Collect the necessary paperwork. You might need to provide details like your Social Security number and pay stubs when applying for a loan. The loan application process can be sped up significantly by gathering this data beforehand.
  1. Send in your application. Although many lenders have online applications, this phase can be completed in person with nearby banks and credit unions. If you are accepted, you can expect funding in a day to a week. Your credit score will temporarily drop a few points as a result of applying.


When you encounter unforeseen needs, small personal loans—loans often as little as a few hundred or a few thousand dollars—can offer financial help. Although having a healthy emergency fund is often the best strategy for handling unforeseen expenses, the pandemic took a significant toll on many people's emergency reserves. Finding the finest small personal loan for your needs might help you get back on your feet financially if you are unable to pay an unexpected cost.

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